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Personalized Learning to Maximize Student Achievement

Welcome to OCASA College Prep

Here at OCP, we believe in: 

  • personalized learning to maximize student achievement,

  • integrating STEAM education into the entire school experience,

  • delivering a rigorous college prep program without piling on busy work,

  • and most of all, ensuring our students have fun while they are learning. 

We would love for you to join us.



Principal's Message

Welcome to the 22-23 School Year! This is Year 3 of OCASA College Prep and the first year that has not been limited by the pandemic. With that in mind, we are hitting the ground running with innovative and joy-filled experiences for our students. 

Career Prep Projects

Students will pursue their interests, develop their talents, and find ways to use both to serve the community through their Career Prep Projects. We believe that the best way to prepare students for college is to develop their career plans. We have found that students who know the impact their current studies have on their future in an authentic way are more engaged in school, which results in higher grades. Therefore the Career Prep Projects are a targeted approach to ensure students have a dynamic plan for after high school. Each semester students will present their projects at an Innovation Expo. 


Field Study Trips are Back!

A hallmark of the OCASA experience, OCP has designed exciting field study experiences that all bands will be able to enjoy. A Field Study Trip is an excursion for students to explore academic content in depth and out in the field. For the Fall Semester, our Field Study trips are focused on our elective classes (Sawdust Festival for the Design and Art classes, Angel's Game for event planning, and the Universal Studios Career Tour program). In the Spring, we will focus on core content areas (such as the Fleet Science Center, the Museum of Tolerance, and more). 

Clubs and Activities

We have three main school-connected activities that we are starting this year: Robotics, eSports, and Theater Arts. These activities are student-run, with a staff member as the advisor. We also have some fantastic mentors in our community who work with our students in all three of these activities. 



This year we have begun pursuing applying for CIF recognition for high school athletics. This is the first step in a two-year process for having a full athletics program. In the meantime, we will offer a Club Surf program, a Dance program, and Intramural Sports.  Our Intramural Sports will cover the gamut of team sports, and students will compete at high levels against teams from within the school.


A Great Year Ahead

As you can see, we have a great year ahead of us. We would love for you to join us. 


Dr. Baillie


The educational program at OCASA College Prep utilizes instructional practices that are proven to promote student learning. Teachers and administrators have developed an innovative educational model that addresses the needs of the whole child and emphasizes academic, personal, social, and emotional development. The core instructional model is based on the Summit Learning Program (“Summit”) and Project Lead the Way (PLTW). 

Summit is an online platform developed by teachers for teachers, growing out of the successful Summit Public Schools in Northern California. Summit has been implemented in more than 300 schools across California and the nation. 

The Summit platform provides a personalized learning environment that allowed the OCASA College Prep students to make tremendous gains in just two years. OCASA College Prep will combine our values with what science reveals about how students learn best and cutting-edge research to tailor the school experience to students’ individual needs. The student outcomes that our educational model will promote will be:

  1. Cognitive Skills: OCASA College Prep recognizes Cognitive Skills as the building blocks for student success in college and careers. Cognitive Skills equip students with interdisciplinary 21st-century competencies needed to navigate the post-K-12 world.   These higher-order thinking skills must be explicitly taught by qualified teachers using research-guided best practices. The California adoptions of the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards further this point as both emphasize the teaching and learning of cognitive skills as opposed to simple content mastery.
  2. Content Knowledge: While OCASA College Prep students will develop Cognitive Skills to compete in the global workforce, they must also acquire and retain key Content Knowledge. In addition to supporting the development of cognitive skills, retaining Content Knowledge prepares students for success at each grade level and in the collegiate setting. Content knowledge supports and enables critical thinking, allowing students to move from a basic understanding to complete mastery of subjects. OCASA College Prep teachers will have a deep understanding of the Common Core State Standards the Next Generation Science Standards, the History-Social Science Framework, the English Language Development Standards (“ELD”) and the remaining State Content Standards (collectively, “State Standards”) and use these to guide the content topics introduced and explored at each grade level and in each subject.
  3. Habits of Success: OCASA College Prep will incorporate social-emotional development into all aspects of teaching and programming to attend to the whole child. OCASA College Prep views social-emotional learning as the process of identifying and applying skills to know oneself, set and work towards goals, empathize, build positive relationships, engage in conversations about diversity and inclusiveness, and make responsible decisions. These social and emotional skills, or Habits of Success, enable students to be successful at both academic and non-academic pursuits.
  4. Sense of Purpose: It is of paramount importance that OCASA College Prep students set goals for the development and mastery of Cognitive Skills, Content Knowledge, and Habits of Success. In order to achieve these goals, students must also cultivate a Sense of Purpose. Students need to possess an understanding of their interests, values, and skills, and the articulation of a credible path after high school for translating those interests, values, and skills into fulfilled lives. We are committed to preparing students for success beyond the walls of OCASA College Prep. To do so, we will focus on five critical components for students to develop during their time at OCASA College Prep.

First, students need to develop a sense of Self-Awareness. Students need exposure to multiple interests, the ability to explore such interests, and opportunities to pursue those interests. Students also need to explore and develop their Values. Students need support understanding what they value and how to live those values in order to lead a fulfilled life, in which they make intentional trade-offs between different options based on values. OCASA College Prep will be intentional in showing students how to effectively and proactively build Relationships that are not merely transactional, but also that put them in contact with people who want them to be their best selves. A key component of the OCASA College Prep model is supporting students in developing a Credible Path Toward Long-Term Goals. Finally, as a 6th – 12th-grade institution, OCASA College Prep is committed to facilitating a strong Transition out of high school that is aligned with their interests, skills, knowledge, habits, values, and the long-term goals they hope to achieve.

Guiding Principles: The following represents the evidence-based principles that will guide OCASA College Prep staff and administration in implementing the Summit platform:

  • In order to be successful in both college and careers, students need to master a set of Cognitive Skills;
  • In the 21st century, proficiency in skills at the end of high school is more valuable than proficiency in the content of any given subject matter;
  • Students develop Cognitive Skills over time; the skills must be accessed within each student’s zone of proximal development;
  • Cognitive Skills are learned best through strategies that require deeper learning. The deepest learning is inquiry-based, authentic, and active;
  • Cognitive Skills extend beyond traditional disciplines; the same skill can be applied in multiple disciplines;

These guiding principles will be at the core of our work. Professional development and teacher growth will be couched in conversations regarding students’ cognitive skills development. OCASA College Prep has access to the entire Summit library, containing field-tested and refined longitudinal projects. Students will apply the content they have learned to real-world situations to develop their essential and transferable lifelong skills. Multiple Cognitive Skills are embedded in each project. Most projects will culminate in a performance-based assessment such as an essay, lab report, or presentation.


OCASA College Prep provides a comprehensive 6-12th grade academic program that meets all State of California standards.

We view mathematics at OCP as more than just numbers and calculations – math is about solving mysteries. Imagine you have found an encrypted message with symbols and letters to decipher. As you methodically decode the meaning of each symbol or letter by gathering clues/information on each symbol or letter, the mystery of the message can be revealed. This is Math at OCP. We offer all the courses through Statistics and Calculus and several opportunities for acceleration in the course sequencing.

Science is all about studying the mysteries of the universe. In the OCP course of study, students travel through the universe, the Earth, and the complexities of the human body. Our courses offer hands-on and interactive lessons that ignite the imagination. At the high school level, we offer Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

In English/Language Arts, students will explore the dramatic stories that have shaped human society. We study the worldviews of each era and world region to understand the form and structure of writing and the people who came before us - their triumphs and tragedies.

In our Social Studies courses, students will understand critical prerequisites needed for civilizations to develop, be able to identify the differences that can emerge in societies due to geography, gain an understanding of the various religions and unique traditions that develop within societies, and will be able to make connections between the origins of society and interactions between humans and different societies in the modern day.

We are committed to creating experiences for our students that are hands-on and that ask students to apply their learning. Therefore, our students do not take field-trips, they go out into the field to study. 

Project Based Learning ensures that our students have the opportunity to apply their interests and talents to real-world issues.  We believe that students will be prepared to face the world when they find the intersection between the three things (Interests, talents, and a way to serve) that best suits them. 


Students at OCASA Elementary participate in multiple specialty elective classes. 

Students discover the design process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. They are then challenged to apply what they’ve learned throughout the course to design a therapeutic toy for a child who has cerebral palsy.

Students become engineers as they design, prototype, and test models to learn about the science of flight and what it takes to travel and live-in space. They solve real-world aviation and space challenges and plan a mission to Mars.

Students will experience the major topics, big ideas, and computational thinking practices used by computing professionals to solve problems and create value for others. This course will empower students to develop computational thinking skills while building confidence that prepares them to advance to Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science.

Whether seeking a career in the growing field of cybersecurity or learning to defend their own personal data or a company’s data, students in Cybersecurity establish an ethical code of conduct while learning to defend data in today’s complex cyberworld.


Each student at OCASA College Prep will be assigned to a band to promote long-lasting relationships and tailored support. Each learner will remain in the same band for multiple school years. Within each band, there are multiple homeroom teachers who provide 1:1 mentoring to each student. 

Bands at OCASA College Prep

  • Green Band (6th, 7th, and 8th Grades)
  • Blue Band (9th and 10th Grades)
  • Purple Band (11th and 12th Grades)

1:1 Mentoring is one of the important pillars of instruction at OCASA College Prep. We know how important it is for children to be truly connected with and cared for by the adults at their school. All students are paired with a mentor who acts as their advocate both inside and outside of the classroom. Mentors meet with their students 1:1 regularly to support their students in their progress towards their short-term and long-term academic and personal goals.

Clubs & Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and activities at OCASA College Prep. Please note, the available clubs and activities will vary each semester based on student interest.

As a new high school, we are pursuing an application to CIF. In the meantime, we have vibrant intramural sports programs. This program allows for multi-grade training and competition for students of all backgrounds to gain an introduction to organized athletics. With enthusiastic and experienced coaches, students will gain an introduction to various sports and the opportunity to experience the joy of working within a team and individually pushing themselves to be their best while practicing sportsmanship and building a solid ethical foundation. 

Students in ASB plan, organize and participate in such activities as formal and informal dances, Homecoming, Spirit Week, student competitions, community awareness projects, cultural events, and Staff Recognition throughout the year. 

Students rotate through units of study in multiple genres of art including Fine Art, Graphic Design, Theater, Dance, Art History and more.

Students learn basic principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include writing copy, captions, and headlines; digital photography; desktop publishing and using appropriate technology tools for media production.