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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Joint Meeting of the Los Angeles and
Orange County Chapters of ASA


Absorption Coefficients:
The Myths, the Answers and the Case for Getting Rid of the Coefficient

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Vice-Chair/Program Chair: Duties include program and meeting room arrangements.

Treasurer: The Treasurer must be a member of ASA.  Duties are self evident.

To be considered for any of these positions please contact David Lubman at:

Welcome Message from our Chair:

David Lubman - Acting Chair

Leisha Kinney - Acting Secretary 

Dear Friends of Acoustics:

Help us to resurrect the Orange County Regional Chapter!  We believe that we have a regular meeting place at Cal State Fullerton and are looking for a few good volunteers to help us get our meetings up and running.  Please contact David Lubman if you are interested.

Classroom acoustics is a very hot area today. A recent US national standard for classroom acoustics (ANSI S12.60-2002) was approved after a six-year development process by the largest ANSI Working Group any of us can remember!

The standard contains much useful information for school designers, administrators, parents, and others who want the best schools for their kids. It can be downloaded at no cost at Other low-cost classroom acoustics publications are available at the ASA website. Click Then click “Publications” and read down the list.

The USA is not alone in having classroom acoustic standards or guidelines. Some European nations also have such standards. Sweden’s excellent guidelines were a conscious inspiration for US developers. England’s standard became mandatory in July 2003. The World Health Organization (WHO) has had guidelines for several years.

Volunteer scientists and engineers of the Acoustical Society of America, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants were a major force behind it, as was the U. S. Access Board, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, and many other professional organizations.

Many states and school districts have already adopted this voluntary standard, and many more and considering adopting the standard - an idea that the ASA officially encourages.

Why is all this attention suddenly being given to classroom acoustics? The problem of poor classroom acoustics is more serious than almost anyone knew. Not just for hearing impaired students and English language learners, but for ALL students. It seriously interferes with learning. It singles out the most vulnerable. It is avoidable and correctable.

In my opinion, the worst problem is not noisy classrooms where learning is almost impossible. That situation is obvious, and is likely to get attention! The worst problem by far is classrooms with marginal acoustics. That very common situation is insidious. Students in marginal classrooms hear most of what is said, and are usually unaware that poor acoustics is interfering with their learning. Acoustically vulnerable students may not hear the homework assignment correctly. Most of them will miss that fetching nuanced phrase in English class that danced all day in the delighted heads of the acoustically able. Some misheard a key word in a mathematics theorem and so missed the entire point. The strain of listening under marginal conditions for long periods causes disengagement from classroom discussion a few minutes earlier. They can’t they hear that soft-voiced teacher when she turns her head a little.

David Lubman, Acting Chair


Acting Chair
  David Lubman:
  Leisha Kinney
Avram Grossman

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