An Invitation to Join OCASA

Why is acoustics called a "crossroads" field? Because it cuts across so much of human experience that it can no longer be claimed uniquely by any one field of science. It's not "just" physics any more!

Acousticians design concert halls, invent and analyze musical instruments, peer into the human body with ultrasonic waves, learn the mysteries of human and animal communication, help people to hear,
measure and reduce noises, use sound to levitate objects in space, find objects under the oceans and measure the vibration of stars.

OCASA activities will help you will discover (or rediscover) the intellectual excitement of its most enthusiastic practitioners, make new friends, learn new ideas, or simply renew acquaintances with old friends and ideas.

Scientific professionals whose work involves the field of acoustics will find many new reasons to participate in national meetings of the ASA, unquestionably the world's leading scientific organization for acoustics. Whether or not you participate in national meetings, you can benefit by participating in the OC Regional Chapterl.

Non-ASA members are most cordially welcome to attend meetings as well as become a member of the OC Regional Chapter of the ASA. You don't need to be a scientist. An interest in acoustics and payment of modest annual dues are the only requirements for membership. OCASA members are invited to meet leading scientists and practitioners in the diverse fields of acoustics and hear about their research first-hand, often long before the general public. The ASA considers the Regional Chapters "outreach" and treats its members generously and well. As an OCASA member, you will be kept informed about new developments and trends in acoustics. You will receive exclusive information on acoustics and be listed in ASA's national directory.

Become part of a support group. Let's help each other to retain or regain the singular joys and excitement of acoustics. Show your courage by exposing yourself to new challenges and ideas. Send in your membership application TODAY!

David Lubman
Acting Chair

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